Khamis, 19 Ogos 2010

IF YOU ask ME!!!!

I created it with all my heart especially for my dearest classmate ... I love u all so much. If something bad happen, my heart will be broken into a million pieces... there are many literary devices you can see in the poem.. I just study it this sem.. There are personification, simile, repetition, rhyme, assonance, hyperbole, alliteration, symbolism, flashback. But not forget to all my friends in this world..... you all like sunshine to me.. So to all people outside, please don't quarrel.... I beg u all....


My heart is crying,

Life is like a bed of roses

If you ask me,

Why my tears keep on falling,

It is all because you all quarrelling.


Why dear you must fight?

Just cause a small misunderstanding.


If u ask me,

What do I feel when she is lying,

Of course, she is stabbing my heart,

Hurt, its very hurt indeed it is hurt,

Yet she is my friend.


If you ask me,

Are you crazy?

Are you not angry?

Yes I am..

Everyone not perfect,

I need to accept the fact.


If you ask me

Between friends and lover

What would I choose?

Deep in my heart friends are the winners.


If you ask me,

Why I can be patient

Just forget the winter day

And remember our spring friendship.


When I was down,

You lend your shoulder to me,

When I was happy,

You are the one who glad it,


That was yesterday

And I hope it will be today and forever..

Love you all my friends..

Once friends, forever friends..

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